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Infrared Scanning

Aerial Visions uses FLIR thermal imaging on our drones bringing infrared capabilities to applications like search and rescue, the inspection of power lines, cell towers, bridges, substations, and buildings, firefighting, precision agriculture, and natural resource and wildlife protection. Inspections and other building aerial mapping with a thermal camera-equipped drone take minutes and with substantial cost savings over manned aircraft systems.


Aerial FLIR Thermal Infra-Red Scans Provide critical information regarding The condition of a roof system or Building exterior.

Roofing professionals now have the latest technology available for evaluating roof systems of all types enabling them to provide the best result for their property owner clients. Developing a plan for any roof area starts with locating wet insulation and trapped moisture within the roof system

Aerial FLIR Thermal Infra-Red Scans can help you save thousands on your next project

Similar to an MRI for roof systems Thermal Infra-Red scans detect even the slightest temperature differences that indicate moisture or wet materials detrimental to any roof system. The military grade FLIR scanners carried by our drone aircraft will detect and quantify problem areas, providing the vital data needed to make a sound decision and remedial plan.

The scans are reviewed by our FLIR Certified Infra-Red Thermographers and provided in a report format that is best suited for the situation. This enhanced professional approach results in a more accurate project scope and reduces unplanned changes to orders and budget overruns.

Aerial Visions comes from decades of experience in the commercial roofing and building envelope industry. We know the challenges roofing professionals face and we can help you manage them so you can provide your clients with the best technology and the best results. Safe, accurate, effective and at a cost that will be incidental to the project budget, Aerial FLIR Thermal Infra-Red Scans can help you save thousands on your next project while complying with every manufacturer’s requirements for issuance of a roof system warranty.

Don’t settle for inferior and inaccurate hand held scans or other burdensome moisture detection methods. Aerial FLIR Thermal Infra-Red Scans covering the entire area involved are incomparable and will be integral to a sound project plan.
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