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During these trying Pandemic times efficient and thorough Jobsite Documentation, Monitoring and Management are of critical importance. The advanced technology that drone based applications offer can provide the answers needed for professionally managing projects with minimal travel and site interaction throughout all phases of a project.

Practical Application and Benefits

Existing Conditions, Estimating and Sales Presentation 
  • Document existing conditions for reference and baseline data
  • High resolution pics with measurable and quantitative data critical for accurate cost estimates
  • Implement the unique perspectives into sales proposals and provide separation and professionalism
  • Minimal site visits and personal interaction required while providing maximum level of critical information for repeated reference as needed.

The level of technology available to construction industry professionals in the area of jobsite documentation, monitoring and management using drone applications is absolutely a game changer.

Document Jobsite Progress, Safety and Spec Compliance and Quality Control

  • Thoroughly document existing conditions pre-start for reference and dispute resolution
  • Monitor jobsite safety procedures and compliance with date and time stamped high-resolution pics
  • Review jobsite material and equipment inventory at every interval of the project to deter waste, theft and shrinkage
  • Confirm specification compliance and proper installation procedures
  • Enhance project supervision while minimizing travel and personal interaction and exposure
  • Cover more projects with less supervisory personnel while providing better results.
  • Share data gathered with multiple parties in different locations, even in real time if desired.
  • Minimize Field Change Orders and properly document change work that is needed
  • Eliminate disputes and completion estimates, prevent arbitration and expensive litigation
  • Provide absolute transparency of the project to all parties involved.
Completion, Warranty Documentation and Final Project Transfer 
  • Reduce or eliminate final jobsite walkthrough and personal interaction through enhanced digital pics from all perspectives
  • Provide digital documentation and reference of the final project completion with time and date stamps.
  • Supplement As-Built Drawings with digital pics as reference

There is no limit to the level of oversight and management capabilities of drone-based jobsite documentation, and we welcome an opportunity to show you how your specific needs can be addressed.  But clearly and effective drone-based jobsite management and documentation program more than pays for itself on every project, and can easily save you multiple of it’s cost. 

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